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Where was I?

Firstly, sorry about any problems you might have had with the last few posts; Jamie says that the non-appearance of photos should now be resolved but at present there is no rhyme or reason as to why some of you get the e-mail reminders and others don't. We hope that there will be a solution soon, but if you are one of the unfortunate people who don't receive the e-mail please pop by often to see if I have posted!

Now here is a Bank holiday challenge for you and I want lots of you to have a go at this - so loads of guesses/comments please! Quite simply where was I standing when I took this photograph? The clues are there - honestly!

And a different location, where did I move to?

Of course you can guess just one of the locations and if none of you get these I will post more picture clues, but please have a go (apart from those people who were with me when I took them that is!!)

It would be great if your family and friends joined in as well, just give them this link

23/08/2013 22:42
Is it the steps leading up to/down from Big Ben?

Bubbles - 24/08/2013 07:11
Thank you, but no, they were wider than these and had landings between flights. The first location is probably easier

The first, I think it was Char and I that suggested that you go to. If is where I am thinking, it appears on a photo on http://www.holmes-made.co.uk/single.php?no=87 . The second, with a little help from Char, I think has a one word tube station named after it. I wont say any more in case I am right,

jamjah - 24/08/2013 08:33
I think you are right in both locations, but I want others to get there, so add Jamie\'s clues to the challenge!

Are they both in London? The first one looks like it is from the one of the Shard windows. The second one, is it your spiral stairs at home! Only joking!! Could it be from the BT tower?

joan - 28/08/2013 17:58
Both London, but not the Shard, very close-by though. The second one a tower - yes but not BT!

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