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Strictly Come Dancing - and finally...

Well what did I say about red dresses winning - and what colour dress was Flavia wearing for the third dance tonight? I personally don't think there was too much to choose between any of the celebrities tonight and it was the public vote which won in the end - with Louis pulling off the most athletic 'stunts' and going topless, it became a bit of a no-brainer

I am not going to include a table tonight but the final judges' marks were Denise with 527, Kimberley with 519 and Louis with 502, so it can be deduced that according to the judges Denise won.

I want to congratulate Roger, Jamie C, Carol and Celia who share the winnings and my Mum who took part in a spontaneous sweepstake just for tonight, your winnings are on the way to you

I have loved this series of Strictly and I would like to thank the readers of this blog who have 'suffered' my ramblings week on week. I know it has 'annoyed' some readers, but I was asked to 'publish' the results and the number crunching came from this; normal service will resume after Christmas with a posting in the craft section, I have already started it!

And finally, I would like to wish all the readers a very Happy Christmas and a great 2013, hopefully it will be a little drier

23/12/2012 01:29
That's spooky about the red dress Sue!!!! I thought on the night Kimberley was the winner. The tango her and Pasha performed was SPEC-TAC-U-LAR. Well done ALL the contestants for a brilliant SCD and thank you Sue for the excellent 'updates'. Pat

Bubbles - 23/12/2012 07:44
Yes I thought Kimberley did very well - but they all did; perhaps she should have worn a red dress!

Loved last nights show. It was a good surprise that Louis won the competition, but well deserve I thought considering he has never dance be fore. Happy Christmas to you and Les

joan - 23/12/2012 10:36
Joan what are we going to do without Strictly - I know I could spend the time writing this blog!! Happy Christmas to you and the family Joan - to everyone who reads this.

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