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The Heller garden Part 1

I am not sure how many times I have started writing this posting, but I really want to do this garden justice and convey just what a special place it is. I have decided that I will be 'doing' it in at least two parts, possibly three, otherwise you will get bored with reading!
Let me tell you a little of the background; we had arrived in Sirmione on Lake Garda on the Saturday for a weeks stay. By the Friday we had visited all the main places that we wanted to and the day was 'free'. Over breakfast armed with a guide book we 'discussed' all the options for the day; we wanted to go some where without going over too much ground again and Dick pointed out a couple of lines which mentioned a garden in Gardone.
We had called into Gardone on the ferry and admired the Grand Hotel where Winston Churchill and Princess Diana had stayed that dominates the waterfront and so it seemed like a good place to visit.

The Heller Garden was just a little way from the quay and the entrance was unassuming

- until you look at the detail on the gates

and then on paying we were given large maps which looked as though they had been torn from a book and were quite detailed with not only the names of the larger specimen plants but also the artists involved with the sculptures.

I knew it was my sort of garden almost immediately because I spotted something my garden and this one had in common - cloud pruned box which I first saw done on the Alan Titchmarsh 'Love your garden' programme and over the last couple of years have created (I can feel another whole posting coming on because I have taken photos of each stage). The neat and tidy one above is in the Heller garden and the one below is mine taken just last week and desperately in need of a trim!

The path alone in the Heller garden was full of interest and the inlaid pottery pieces depicting insects and patterns reminded me of Gaudi's work in Barcelona.

Look at the snake (his head is at the top of the photo near Pauline's feet) forming a kerb edging along the path and this later formed the edge of the stream that ran along at the side of the path, the snake even crossed the path at one stage

Very soon we realised that we didn't want to miss any part of this magical place and tried to make sure that we covered every path and saw every nook and cranny but this got quite confusing when at one stage we retraced our steps only to realise that the view from the opposite direction held all sorts of secrets which we had missed the first time and then there were far reaching views of the lake through the trees

I have barely touched this garden, there were so many surprises around every corner and I will be boring you all with more postings about it, the hardest part is deciding what to leave out!

17/11/2012 00:54
Looks like you and Les had a good time on your holiday. The Heller Gardens look likes a wonderful place to go and visit and spend the whole day just wandering around, whether its raining or sunny. The sculptures and paths must be amazing to look at? I bet the views looked stunning too!

joan - 19/11/2012 19:23
I wish I could 'bottle' some of the atmosphere from those gardens, it was a fantastic place. I am writing the second posting at present but deciding what to leave out is the problem - we took hundreds of photos between us!

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