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Firstly, thank you to everyone who told me about the problems they were having with the e-mail notification of postings.

Jamie had written a header explaining a little about the changes that have been made so now that is not showing he must be hopeful (fingers crossed) that everything is back to normal now (whatever 'normal' is??)!

26/06/2013 21:29

All white!

I realise that it is such a long while since I have made a post in this section so I thought it was about time!
With the weather as it is, I really am not motivated to do more than I have to outside; just when you think it is warm it goes cold again and just when it is dry enough to do much it rains. After looking at the forecast yesterday and seeing that it was predicted to rain about 10 o'clock (the grey clouds were already building up) so with the grass desperately needing to be cut I started at break neck speed, just after 9am! Whilst walking up and down at a pace it dawned on me that the daffodils which had lasted for so long were over, the rhododedrons and spring shrubs weren't out but there were flowers around - all of them white, not at all what I usually see in May!

15/05/2013 17:44

The Heller garden Part 1

I am not sure how many times I have started writing this posting, but I really want to do this garden justice and convey just what a special place it is. I have decided that I will be 'doing' it in at least two parts, possibly three, otherwise you will get bored with reading!
Let me tell you a little of the background; we had arrived in Sirmione on Lake Garda on the Saturday for a weeks stay. By the Friday we had visited all the main places that we wanted to and the day was 'free'. Over breakfast armed with a guide book we 'discussed' all the options for the day; we wanted to go some where without going over too much ground again and Dick pointed out a couple of lines which mentioned a garden in Gardone.
We had called into Gardone on the ferry and admired the Grand Hotel where Winston Churchill and Princess Diana had stayed that dominates the waterfront and so it seemed like a good place to visit.

17/11/2012 00:54


Looking out the window at present it is very hard to believe that just two weeks ago we were basking in glorious sunshine trying to keep cool, now we are trying to resist the temptation to put the heating on!

10/06/2012 22:56


I love happy accidents in nature and each year I am always surprised to see the new leaves of the spirea next to the flowers of the broom, the shades of yellow and orange are so vibrant. When I planted these plants next to each other I did it without thinking that for a couple weeks each year these would look so great together

19/05/2012 23:15


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