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Marrow and ginger marmalade

I know that it has been ages since I posted last, but blame the weather which has kept me outside rather than writing to you all!

I hope the gremlins are all sorted now; I know that Jamie has been busy doing his best to get things running smoothly again and I have in turn started lots of posts and taken lots of photos to go with them which I will finish and publish over the next few weeks, but as it has been months since I posted a new recipe I thought we would start here

19/08/2013 11:11

Roasted tomato with crushed avocado on toast

I thought it was about time to make another posting in the Food section - and it just happens to be another variation on the theme of roasted tomatoes - perhaps I am thinking of sunshine!

26/04/2013 11:56

Roasted tomato soup with Melba toast

In order to get through the long grey winter that we have just gone through (I am optimistic - no more really cold weather!), we have turned to comfort food and what better than a bowl of soup! It is even better when two of the ingredients are growing on the windowsill.

05/03/2013 22:41

What you see isn't always what you get!

During the holidays we had Noah and Emily on sleep-overs. Although we were hoping for great weather to spend on the beach it didn't quite happen so the children were given their choice of things to do and both of them came up with cooking - to be fair we had Noah first, he said 'cooking' so when we had Emily a week later she had to do what her big brother had done!
Well the 'story' of this post all started several weeks before that when they made microphone ice-creams from the 'Big Cook, Little Cook' recipe book

11/09/2012 17:21

Chocolate fridge cakes

I'm afraid there are no pretty photos to go with these recipes, neither of them stay around long enough to take pictures!
The first (which is definitely my favourite) was originally twice the size, hence the strange measurements, but it is very rich and more-ish, so the only way I can limit myself is to make a smaller quantity and share with everybody!

26/08/2012 12:30


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