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Advent over the years

Crafting for advent has been really important for me in the last few years and when I was asked recently to post some of the different ideas I have had I looked up some of the archived photos!
It all started with these 5 x 5 drawers which I designed (before they became readily available and very popular) and I made them to sell in kit form with jokes and filling suggestions and also as the template. Over the years I have made and filled many of these!

26/10/2014 06:35

New use for the blog!

Hello Everyone
I know it has been ages and ages since I posted last - the blog had become a chore and seemed to take me ages and ages to write. I have had a re-think and a chat with Jamie and I have decided that I would \'re-launch\' with a \'gallery style\' site, basically very little writing just more pictures mostly of the things I am currently creating and probably mostly in the \'crafts\' category. Some items will have been made for my personal use and some items I will happily make for others and personalise if you want.

16/10/2014 11:44

Woven strip cards

Hopefully the lack of postings recently will be made up for by the number of photos in this one!
At the end of the last posting I popped in an all white card in a style I have called woven strips. As so often happens the inspiration came from a card in a magazine, but as usual there were elements I didn't like, not that I necessarily like the cards I make!

18/06/2013 00:18

March bits 2013

It is just as well that the weather was so cold and grey during March because I have had a lot of cards and bits to make, so I thought that I would share some of them with you.

03/04/2013 21:16

Wedding anniversaries

Well, I have returned and I know that it was the beginning of the year when I made my last posting and it is now nearly the end of February .... oops!!

One of the tasks I have been occupying my time with was very pleasureable. I was asked to make some cards for a couple's 70th wedding anniversary. I thought I would show you not only the cards I made for them but the cross stitched sampler I made when Les's Mum and Dad celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in 1996.

27/02/2013 17:59


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