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Blue tits 2

Here, as promised is the latest edition of the blue tits story.
This morning when we first switched on there were at least 2 eggs which had hatched, at least there are 2 hungry mouths that we could see.

06/05/2012 20:01

Blue tits 1

We have house guests and this is what I was dying to mention in the last posting before I got carried away with the flowers! This is the third season that we have had a camera nest box and right from the start blue tits have nested in it.

22/04/2012 02:05


It is at this time of the year when the plants and birds in the garden change from day to day and the weather from minute to minute! When I was planning this blog this time last year, the reason for having the garden section was to record the changes throughout the year just in my small garden.

17/04/2012 12:58

Flowers in February

The weather was beautiful this afternoon, so I made a start on a much needed tidy up in the garden. In the process I came across little pockets of colour and so I couldn't resist taking a few photos. There is nothing special about these plants or flowers they just made me smile and this posting is a total indulgence for me!

26/02/2012 00:51

The garden in February

Even though not a lot is being done in the garden at present, it is alive with birdsong, I can't recall it ever being quite so noisy! I did take part in the RSPB bird watch again this year but as usual the count didn't seem to accurately illustrate the birds I see regularly. However the RSPB say that they take this into account and this year I did see more varieties of species.
I have acquired a couple of new additions to the garden in the last few weeks.

12/02/2012 22:27


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