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Christmas decorations 2012

A year ago tonight I made a posting about packing away the Christmas decorations and showing those of you who don't know our house a little of the way we decorate it at Christmas. Well in the final part of the post I showed my big window and said that I was thinking of a light curtain for 2012, and by researching carefully and getting help and advice from lights4fun, I was able to buy a curtain 3m in depth and 12 'strands' wide.

06/01/2013 22:00

Christmas cards 2012

Firstly, Happy 2013 to everyone reading this, I hope the new year brings you health, wealth and happiness.
Since starting to write this blog nearly 18 months ago there have been some postings which are highlights - they have received more viewings and even comments than the others; one of these was about the christmas cards I sent in 2011. As a result of this I have decided to show you all the cards I made for christmas 2012; I know that some of you will have received one of these cards, but there isn't anyone who has seen all of them!

04/01/2013 21:55

Advent boxes 2012

Can it really be the 1st December already? Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while will know that I like to make advent boxes for my family, if you want to see what I made last year look back to here.

01/12/2012 22:24

Hot air balloon

This year for the first time both Kate and Jamie went to the Bristol Balloon Festival and for once the weather was good more or less across the whole event. Now as some of you know I originally come from Bristol and my Mum still lives there. In previous years (if the wind is in the right direction) the balloons fly right over her house and she has waved to pilots and passengers, taken photos and generally thoroughly enjoyed the time. This year however the wind was in the wrong direction and she didn't see one balloon, although she did see a number of visitors!

07/10/2012 21:02

Pillowcase dress

One of the things which struck me when we went to the Olympics was the way that people 'dressed' for the occasion! I am afraid I have no idea who this lady and gentleman are but just look at the outfits it made our blue cut offs and red and white striped tops look very ordinary (you may remember them from a previous posting)

01/09/2012 10:02


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