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Strictly Come Dancing 9

I said all through the week that Nicky would be out next, but after last night I doubted myself, however sadly it was true.

09/12/2012 20:35

Strictly Come Dancing 8

Well that's it - I'm out of the reckoning for this year with Michael leaving the contest. I had said that I really didn't think he could go to the end, but he has improved massively week on week and he cuts a fine figure doing ballroom. Sorry Veronica - and to think that it is your special birthday tomorrow, not very kind ....!

02/12/2012 21:19

Strictly Come Dancing 7

Well Victoria said that the experience of taking part in Strictly Come Dancing has pushed her out of her comfort zone and this week I really didn't think that she looked very comfortable, not helped by that outfit, the skirt was ok - I know it was weighted by masses of beads to make it move beautifully but I didn't like the length and the top was awful.

25/11/2012 21:12

Strictly Come Dancing 6

Three 'w's'? Wembley, wow and wonderful and the judges said the three 'b's' about Lisa, big, bold and beautiful and what about those splits!! What an amazing week! I know that I felt that the celebrities didn't quite have the ability to 'fill' the arena last year, but this year ....! Karen Hardy said in one of her sessions with Zoe Ball that the dancers had to bring the audience to them, the arena was too big to go out to the audience, and whether they were listening to her or not, I think that is what they did apart from one couple and Richard and Erin appeared to be having their own private party on an island. Sorry Mum, Les and Jan L but look at the table and whichever way you calculate the results, it was Richard's time to go.

18/11/2012 22:30

Strictly Come Dancing 5

Oh, how sad I really didn't want Fern to go, but when she was in the dance off against Kimberley, I knew there was no chance! The only good thing about Kimberley dancing again was being able to see that dress again, how gorgeous was that, the pink/grey/silver combination was so beautiful and the way it fell, - oh to have a figure like that!

11/11/2012 21:34


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