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Advent over the years

Crafting for advent has been really important for me in the last few years and when I was asked recently to post some of the different ideas I have had I looked up some of the archived photos!
It all started with these 5 x 5 drawers which I designed (before they became readily available and very popular) and I made them to sell in kit form with jokes and filling suggestions and also as the template. Over the years I have made and filled many of these!

26/10/2014 06:35

New use for the blog!

Hello Everyone
I know it has been ages and ages since I posted last - the blog had become a chore and seemed to take me ages and ages to write. I have had a re-think and a chat with Jamie and I have decided that I would \'re-launch\' with a \'gallery style\' site, basically very little writing just more pictures mostly of the things I am currently creating and probably mostly in the \'crafts\' category. Some items will have been made for my personal use and some items I will happily make for others and personalise if you want.

16/10/2014 11:44

Where was I?

Firstly, sorry about any problems you might have had with the last few posts; Jamie says that the non-appearance of photos should now be resolved but at present there is no rhyme or reason as to why some of you get the e-mail reminders and others don\'t. We hope that there will be a solution soon, but if you are one of the unfortunate people who don\'t receive the e-mail please pop by often to see if I have posted!

23/08/2013 22:42

Marrow and ginger marmalade

I know that it has been ages since I posted last, but blame the weather which has kept me outside rather than writing to you all!

I hope the gremlins are all sorted now; I know that Jamie has been busy doing his best to get things running smoothly again and I have in turn started lots of posts and taken lots of photos to go with them which I will finish and publish over the next few weeks, but as it has been months since I posted a new recipe I thought we would start here

19/08/2013 11:11


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